July 22nd, 2014
Shit that Ravi and Ken talk about

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adorkable raken/wonjae

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junhyung and his drunk (??) antics ft mario (1/2)

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What happened?
Asketh - Anonymous


basically jellyfish banned pictures from the concert and specifically asked fansites not to upload pictures from the concert

But some fansites uploaded them anyways last night and are now temporarily banned form vixx activities.

+ Now as a rebellion to the rules a lot of fansites are uploading pictures and saying that they want to share the experience with fans that couldn’t go. 

Do they make dog sticks but for humans?

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New Fancafe Header


New Fancafe Header

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N: (¬_¬)

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Apgujeong Fan Sign 140621Bebi Chou do not edit


Apgujeong Fan Sign 140621
Bebi Chou do not edit

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이층집 | please do not edit!

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